local heros: Vanguard Designs

For the most part, I’m pretty happy living on my tiny island.

And I’ve found one more reason to smile.

Say hello to these lovelies

1. BIANCA Velocommute Bike 2. TRISTAN Messenger Bike 3. BIANCHI REKORD 745 Velocommute Bike 4. AXL Messenger Bik 5.CHURCHILL Messenger Bike 6.SUNDAE Messenger Bike

It’s all thanks to Vanguard Designs, a bunch of Singaporean elves working to restore classic rides and collecters’ pieces.

They also do customisation and restoration and, here’s the best part, you don’t have to buy.Just rent one of their 6-speed Raleigh City bikes or classic French vintage bikes  with coaster brakes and little kiddie cruisers.

They are here.


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