Monthly Archives: October 2011

Last week was bad. Like majorly bad. work+ life = yucks

But this golden baby gives me hope today will be better!


via {wit + delight} by isabelle bertolini


Creme cycles. The words jut feel so lush in your mouth.

They make simple and accessible bikes.

Here they are, the dream creme team in Barcelona….oooh everyone looks so stylish and I’m just talking about the bikes!

In their own words:

“Creme had been a dream that we kept in our minds, a dream that slowly grew into a strong vision of a new, special bike brand. One day, after stumbling across a bunch of beautiful old bike parts in a friends attic and realizing just how little care and attention to detail can be found in today’s city bikes, we decided that it was time to make our dream a reality.”

Brave words that make me love their bikes even more. Not that I really need another excuse.

Ride these European two-wheelers either way, semi-upright for comfort and speed or areodynamic for ultra fast “wind-in-your-hair” kind of ride.

Anyone out there with a creme bike?